A Hero's Journey

Every year, over 600,000 dogs enter animal shelters in the UK. Some come in due to being abandoned, others stray, some abused.

Meet Our Hero, Rocky

This is our rescue hero, Rocky. He was left abandonded by his previous owners. Found on the streets, he was placed into a local dog shelter. That's where we found him, our hero.

New Life?

We loved him from the moment we set eyes on him. We were so excited for him to see his new home, but it wasn't so easy. He was often nervous, wouldn't eat & would shake at night. Maybe this was from past trauma, but we knew he didn't deserve it.

A Hero In The Making

It was so hard watch him day after day not come out of his shell, we knew he was an amazing boy underneath. That's when we set out to help him live his best second life possible. Teaming up with vets, dog behaviourists & animal nutritionists across the UK, we slowly saw our boy begin to shine.

A New Life

Now, Rocky is one of the happiest boys around! He smiles ear to ear, wagging his tail everytime we walk through the door. That's when we asked ourselves, is there something we can do to help others with these issues? That's where K9 Hero was born. With the same team of experts, we formulated our first product - Calm Hero.

Our Mission Is Simple.

To help owners across the UK give their rescue dogs the best chance at a second life. How?

  • Transformation

    Teaming up with local experts, we're always working to deliver the best, research-backed products for you & your rescue. Your feedback is worth its weight in gold, we'll always listen & improve for you.

  • Giving Back

    We know we can't reach every rescue in need, so that's why we've teamed up with Battersea Dog's & Cat's home. With your donations, they can continue to shelter, nuture & rehome rescue animals all over the country.

  • Made With Love

    Being rescue parents ourselves, we know how you're feeling. Everything we do is done from a place of love & care, putting you & your rescue(s) first so you can live the happiest life together ❤