Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

Processing & packing usually takes 1 day from order being placed.

All orders are shipped using Royal Mail’s Tracked 24 & 48 Hour service! You’ll receive a tracking number once we’ve dispatched your order.

Shipping Prices

48 Hour Tracked Shipping - £1.99

24 Hour Tracked Shipping - £2.99

Free Next Day Shipping when you spend over £40!

Subscriptions recieve 24 Hour Tracked Shipping for free!

Is this safe?

Because we only use natural, drug-free ingridients, this product is generally considered safe. But, we always recommend talking to your veterniarian if you have any concerns about using Calm Hero by K9Hero.

Is this suitable for all breeds & ages?

Calm Hero is suitable for any breed over 3 months old. Please note - this is not suitable for nursing or pregnant dogs.

How should I give this to my rescue?

Simply sprinkle the recommended amount of powder on your rescue’s daily meals, it’s that simple! Or if it’s easier, mix it in!

How often should I give my dog these supplements?

This supplement can be administered on an as-needed basis depending on your dog’s behaviour and symptoms. But you can absolutely give your rescue our Calm Hero on a long-term, daily basis at the recommended dosage to generally reduce stress and anxiety!

When should I give these to my rescue?

You can give these to your rescue when you expect any anxiety or stress-inducing event, though they work best when given to your dog
on a routine basis. Some events that Calm Hero can support rescues through include thunderstorms, fireworks, dog park visits, car rides, long separation, vet visits, or grooming.

What flavour is it?

Calm Hero is flavourless! Why? It means your rescue can continue to enjoy their delicious daily meals. Perfect for fussy eaters!

How can I return my product? Can I get a refund?

The Hero Guaruntee

It's not about us, it's about you & your rescue.

If you've used Calm Hero daily for 60 days & still see no difference, no problem.

It's incredibly simple -

1. Email us at

2. Tell us your issue - we're all ears

3. Get your money back

It's really that simple, no fussy forms!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! If there’s one thing we care more about more than our dogs, it’s the planet. That’s why our pouches are made from fully recyclable material.

How does the subscription work?

Every rescue is unique, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to delivery cadence. We strive to offer a variety of subscription plans so your four-legged friend always has the support they deserve. Depending on your dog’s weight and dosage, subscription frequency may vary from just 30 days to as long as 120 days between shipments. You can see more information about our subscriptions here.

How can I update, change or cancel my subscription?

You can update any details including product selection and subscription frequency through your Account page. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. While we hope you remain a K9 Hero supporter forever, we understand that things change. If you need any help, please see more information here or reach out to us at