Francis' Story

“I’ve had rescue dogs all my life, for the past 30 years we’d adopt a rescue from a shelter abroad. Some of them come from the worst circumstances & it’s heart-breaking to see what they’ve been through.

My rescue, Francis, is such an amazing boy when he’s at home. But he would always get anxious around other people & dogs. He would often lunge & bark when they pass by.

I’ve always treated my rescues like my own children & try give them a best life possible in my home. Whether that’s through the best food, interaction, exercise or training.

I’m not one to give up on my dogs. I did a year of obedience training with him & he has slightly improved, but he still doesn’t enjoy outdoor walk. He would still have times of hyperactivity & being unsettled.

Our trainer suggested we look for a supplement to help with his behaviour. I don’t want to sedate my boy to make him behave, I was reluctant. But I went online & did some research, that’s when I got in touch with the team at K9 Hero.

With the advice of my trainer & vet, I went ahead & tried Calm Hero. I was desperate at this point, but what drew me to Calm Hero was that it was completely natural & drug-free.

I’ve given him a scoop a day for the last 3 weeks now (bear in mind we did about 14 months of training), I have to say I can hardly believe the progress he's made.

In the last 3 weeks we've made more progress with this powder than we made in 1 year of just training.

He's so calm, confident and not fazed at all by most things that would normally make him go crazy.

It’s amazing to go on walks with him now & it’s opened my mind to supplements. Sometimes our rescues need more support & I’m happy I found Calm Hero” – Claire, Early Calm Hero User.

Our Mission Is Simple.

To help owners across the UK give their rescue dogs the best chance at a second life.